Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CPR Training

CPR can save the life of someone you love.

20 McMath students successfully acquired certification in CPR on January 22nd ... thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Steveston Rotary. Instructor Mark Kozlowski of Life Consultants led the 3 hour interactive workshop which provided participants with basic knowledge and skills necessary to respond quickly with confidence to a variety of life-threatening breathing and heart-related emergencies in ADULTS. Thank you Steveston Rotary !!!

Written by Ms. Dianne Smonson, our Fearless Leader

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Warmth

Dear McMath Interact Club members,

Project Warmth would not have been successful without your efforts and support! Every step you took to help with our project goes a long way and should be recognized. We appreciate all your kind hearts and dedication whether it be attending our group meetings, making posters, coming to school early to supervise the collection of donations, and of course, the labour work required to transport the incredible amount of donations! The results of 40+ boxes of clothing and toiletries were far beyond our expectations!

A special thank you to...

KATRINA TAN, CHRIS YAN, AND ALLAN GUAN for lending their helping hands (or should I say, cars) for Project Warmth as well as GABE RODER from the Vancouver Fire Department for transporting the truck full of donations to Union Gospel Mission.

It has been a crazy 3 weeks of planning and I am so proud to have witnessed our success throughout the project and especially our heart-warming display of teamwork on the last day of school before winter break! It sure feels nice to know that we were able to help make the cold holidays a little warmer for those less fortunate.

So again, thank you Ms. Jamal, Ms. Simonson, Vancouver Fire Department, and the team for your guys' support!

Warm regards,

Yanessa Lee and Nicole Lam
Interact UGM Co-Chairs