Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This spring, the Steveston Rotary sponsored several students to attend RYLA, a leadership camp. Here is one such students experiences:

Four Days.  Four days was all it took to bring together 104 passionate youth for a spectacular weekend. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 2013 took place from April 5-8 at Camp Jubilee.  RYLA is a Rotary sponsored leadership training program for young individuals focusing on leadership, citizenship, and personal growth.  RYLA South is offered to students from Grades 10-12 sponsored by Rotary Clubs in District 5040.  It provides leadership training through workshops, team building through camp activities, and networking opportunities for the future.  This year, McMath had a strong representation at RYLA, sending 9 members of the Interact Club (3 of which attended in previous years) to partake in this wonderful opportunity.  There were also 2 members of the staff that graduated from McMath last year. 

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals for the weekend allowed an enriching positive environment while learning more about ourselves and our part in the community.  We were exposed to volunteer opportunities abroad as well as ways we can make a difference in our local communities.  We sat in on workshops that focused on an array of topics that include ethics, success, and communication styles.

This year was unlike all else as there was a surprise for everyone on the final day.  All weekend we were practicing a dance to perform at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the Monday.  The flashmob promoted a local artist, Kuba Oms, RYLA, and the Rotary.  It was great to get our name out to the community and show them how passionate the youth of today is.  We ended off the weekend with service projects in the Downtown Eastside.  Groups went to the Salvation Army, Foot Clinic, Union Gospel Mission, and the Women's Resource Centre to apply what we learned.  We even walked down the streets handing out meal tokens.  It was truly an eye-opening experience.

Special thanks the Rotary Clubs of Steveston, Richmond Sunrise, and Ladner for sponsoring us to attend this year! 

OH! And look out for us as we will appear in Kuba's music video release of his upcoming song!  :)

FLASHMOB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumFd6M6UJ4

Written by Katrina Tan, RYLA participant

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